Sensei is a project focused on fault tolerance through active replication of components: applications that are instantiated simultaneously over several hosts, to offer high availability. Its domain is CORBA and JavaRMI applications that have strict fault tolerance requirements.

This project was the basis of my PhD, titled "Techniques for the Development of Distributed, Fault-Tolerant Applications using CORBA and JavaRMI Architectures", which was defended on July 2002.

All the information is available at my web site at the University

After completing the PhD, I focused on the practical aspects of the replication, providing a library to easily replicate data structures. This library would implement replicated lists, queues, etc, so that any server's member would see common data structures, with all the additional value of replication -fault tolerance, indeed, but also much slower access-. In many ways, a parallel project, JavaGroups, which later evolved as JGroups, superseeded my efforts, and I dropped eventually the project.