14th August 1997

VirtualNet (over RMI)


There are five packages in Virtual Net:

package vnet;

This is the implementation of the basic net layout.

package vnet.display;

Classes that can be used for a graphical display of the net (its graph), of the events in the virtual net, or just a list of binded servers.

package vnet.local;

Here are the classes to develop a local client/server application, that is, the virtual net, the clients and the servers are all of them being executed in the same virtual machine.

package vnet.remote;

Here are the classes to develop a remote client/server application using RMI; that is, the clients, the servers and the virtual net can be being executed in different java sessions, communicating between them using RMI.

package vnet.remote.prg;

With this package it is possible to execute a Virtual Net program (only for the package remote, of course).