14th August 1997

VirtualNet (over RMI)

Version changes

version 0.21

The version 0.1 was limited in the number of nodes. This version eliminates that limit. To do that:

  • A Node is not defined by a character, but by an string. This string can have any character from 'A' to 'P'.
  • A Link was previously defined by a short. This was really a bad design; now it is used an integer.

The impact has been quite small. There is now an incompatibility with the previous version; in v0.1, when a link is going to be builded using the BuildNetLayout, it has to have the format NodeANodeBLink; now, it is NodeALinkNodeB, like +AB12C.

The display package does have a big impact, to be able to deal with any number of nodes. There are below some snaphots of the new display graphs: